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Cwelfi's Journal

Where insanity comes to play

Cwelfin Jelk
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I'm not really eloquent enough to sum up my entire personality in just a few lines, so I'll simply say this: I'm geekish, I'm neurotic, I'm incredibly silly and I think Roddy McDowall is awesome.
Apart from that, take a quick peek at my interests and see if we have anything in common. I'm always willing to talk to new people, and I love to discuss things. =)

9th elsewhere, alan musgrave, alan rickman, alice ever falling, alice in wonderland, angela orosco, anime, artemis fowl, batman, batman the animated series, batman: the animated series, bedknobs and broomsticks, books, brad dourif, btas, bunnies, caffeine, cartoons, cats, cheesy films, chrono crusade, classic horror, coffee, daydreaming, death metal, dirty jokes, doctor who, dr cid, dreaming, dreams, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, final fantasy, freakazoid, freakazoid!, fright night, fullmetal alchemist, gaming, geekishness, geeks, gregory horror show, haiku, head injury theater, headphones, horror, imagination, infp, insanity, intelligent discussion, jackets, jervis tetch, kino's journey, legacy of kain, lemon demon, lewis carroll, life after death, lord love a duck, love, lucid dreaming, mad hatter, mad scientists, madness, magic, martin short, mcdowallage, meditation, music, nights into dreams, oddities, old games, peter cushing, peter vincent, philosophy, platformers, poetry, pop culture, psychology, purple, rabbits, rammstein, randomness, ratchet and clank, read or die, reading, reality, retro gaming, richard braintree, roddy macdowall, roddy mcdowall, roddy mcdowell, roleplaying, rpgs, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, sega, sega mega drive, silent hill, silliness, soul reaver, speculative fiction, spirtualism, star trek, stationary, stephen king, strangeness, superheroes, tea, the batman, the mad hatter, the new batman adventures, the universe, tomb raider, unusual pairings, vampires, video games, vincent price, wonderland, writing